As technology evolves and more physical workloads are replaced by digital services, security needs to be a top concern for business owners. With Viruses, Hackers, Malicious emails, data breaches, Website hacking, Dark web data dumps, and so much more, a business owner can spend all day every day trying to keep their business secure. Au Technology Solutions offers Managed IT Services with an emphasis on security to help secure and manage the technology needs of your growing business so you can focus on building revenue.

MSP Services Provided

  1. IT Helpdesk – Support hotline with live local IT experts to assist your staff remotely or onsite when issues arise.
  2. Workstation Health Monitoring – Detailed workstation monitoring by IT experts to reduce and resolve issues early.
  3. Enterprise Antivirus – Provided Enterprise grade Antivirus to protect your staff, data, and equipment.
  4. Network Monitoring – Active monitoring of traffic to help prevent the spread of malware and sensitive data.
  5. Dark Web Monitoring – Active monitoring of your Domain and emails to increase security and notify you of breaches.
  6. Staff Training – Re-occurring security training and testing of your staff to keep your business safe.

Top-Rated Managed IT Service Provider

As the top rated Managed IT Service Provider of North San Diego County we strive to ensure all that are part of the Au Technology family are safe and informed. We are able to maintain our excellent reputation by hard work and honesty. No one can guarantee your 100% protection from everything, but what we can do is greatly increase your protections, monitor your security, train your staff, and most importantly: Be available to help when issues arise. We have found that many Managed IT Service Providers don't meet these simple requirements. Achieving these requirements is our goal, being available is our promise.